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First and foremost, I would like to thank you for visiting my digital home.


I'm Mordecai also known as Chryso and I'm the one person behind Untamed Purpleloid. 

I created Untamed Purpleloid as a means for me to visualise what life would look like, feel like and live like if it was freedom's friend. Where would I have been born? What would I look like? Who would my best friend be? 

An Untamed Purpleloid is never tamed by society's games, expectations and limitations. A citizen of the Untamed Purple Island is running free in the jungles of life. And so I decided to create both art as well as art inspired accessories that will be take you to that safe place of pure freedom at any moment of your day. 

I long for freedom and for art at every moment of my life and I wanted with this digital world of mine to bring it to life not only for me but also for whoever longs for it too.

I have so many ideas and ambitions for the future and for what Untamed Purpleloid can grow into so follow me, subscribe to my newsletter and catch me on social media to see what Untamed Purpleloid and me are up to and how we grow day by day. 

This adventure is the search of what would life be like if it was freedom's friend and so it can only be achieved with some true friends by our side.

I want to be your freedom buddy, would you be mine?

Love from the untamed purple island,

Mordecai Chryso

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. 

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