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"Flower Boy" is in Bloom - Plus a story?

I'm so excited for this new creation. "Flower Boy" is a one-of-a-kind necklace that speaks to me as a jewellery designer 100%. It's quirky, colourful, beautiful and it definitely makes a statement.

As I was writing the "Why "Flower Boy", I came up with this little introduction of a story.


Flower Boy is a resident of the Untamed Purple Island. Every morning he'll wake up and immerse himseld in the purple flower medow that's in the heart of the island. He dives in, and with his back posing as the mattress, he lies there looking at the blue and pink swirl of a sky.

He lies there while he says.

"Sky, where are my friends? Aren't I young enough to have any? Aren't I old enough to have any?"


I thought that this could be a beautiful story. Maybe a children's story, yet I personally felt those two last questions in my heart. While writing it, I felt even for those moments that I was the "Flower Boy" and I guess there's no other explanation than that I am him.

I think I'll continue the story and see where it'll take me. I want to see if it'll continue to move me and if it does, then I would love to share it with you, hoping that it'll move you too.

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