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Updated: May 3, 2021

I have calming music playing in the background that would hopefully help me put my thoughts together for this exciting post. If you are reading this then it seems like my endeavour for creating my own website has been a success. I wanted to create a digital home for Untamed Purpleloid and so here I am. I was told that making a website is hard. I would like to challenge that opinion and say that it was a whole lot of fun and I'm so happy with how it looks. Do you like it?

This is my first post yet I feel like I have so much to say yet not sure where to start. There are so many things that I still need to get done. So many things that I need to figure out and comprehend. This is so exciting but I'm also so so SO scared and overwhelmed. I guess freedom doesn't come back as easily, if once abandoned. So here I am scared, here I am brave. Here I am fighting for freedoms' hand and name.

If you want to know about my journey with Untamed Purpleloid be sure to come and say hi over on Instagram /Facebook /YouTube / TikTok or Twitter.

Free hugs,

Mordecai Chryso

#freedom #illustration #doodle

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