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This is so exciting!!!! I've been wanting to create a new shop update for the longest time yet I always chose not to. You know the feeling where you wait for things to fall perfectly into place before acting on what you want to achieve? Well, that's how I was feeling. Things weren't going perfectly and so I kept waiting and working on those, thinking that once they are fixed I'll finally be able to laugh this new shop update.

Are things fixed?

Absolutely not, and I think that's where the minimal pieces came to be. My clay project became a sequel of "Mission Impossible" so I had to divert my energy onto something else instead of dwelling onto what I cannot complete or fix right now. Because of this I came to see how much I enjoy to make these minimal pieces. They calm me down and give a boost of confidence and accomplishment once they're done. And they take much less time to complete so you get to feel like you achieved quite a bit in a short amount of time. That's a bonus, right?

I also discovered new techniques. Out of nowhere really. I think I'll be making a video about that, because that technique created one of my favourite earrings. (Stay tuned)

Other than the minimal pieces I also got to create my all-time favourites - asymmetric earrings and chokers. Ah... fun times!

I cannot wait for the next shop update. What would you like to see next? I'm thinking some silver would be nice. Am I right?

Warm hugs,

Mordecai Chryso

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