I created this piece to merge luxury with playfulness. 


Handmade Item

Length: Readjustable closure of 30cm - 38.8 cm  (I can make it shorter or longer upon request - NO EXTRA CHARGE)

Materials: - Handmade and Hand-painted heart pendant

                    - 304 Sterling Silver Rolo Chain, Golden plated

Closure: Lobster Clasp


You can buy this necklace with an extra golden Rolo chain (select the option below)

- 304 Sterling Silver Rolo Chain, Golden plated

Length: 70cm 

Closure: All around chain closure

Heaven Realm Heart Necklace - Handmade

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  • I was inspired to make this piece after watching the series "Ashes Of Love". One of the kingdoms there was called the Heaven Realm. It was full of skies and gold. Wearing this necklace makes me feel like I, a mortal and not a God somehow found this kingdom, stole a piece of the sky and filled my heart with it. Now whenever I wear it I feel like I was once there with the Gods. I was once one with the sky. I was once free.