Length: Readjustable closure of 32cm - 37cm (We can make it longer or shorter on request with NO EXTRA CHARGE. )


Thickness: 0.7cm


Materials: - White + Black  Cotton Thread

                    - 304 Sterling Silver Rolo Chain, platinum plated

                    - Handmade + Handpainted clay bead


Pendant dimensions: 2..5cm x 2.5cm Closure: Lobster Clasp


Rose & Jack Handmade Macrame Black & White Double Sided Choker Necklace

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  • What is true love? The kind that lasts forever? The kind that you'll never forget? Or the kind that you carry with you no matter whether you stay together or not? In this choker we wanted to tell a story. These two may or may not be together yet he is with her, every step of the way (kind of like Jack was to Rose in Titanic). That's the kind of love I want to give you.  Only one in a lifetime and that's why there's only one available.