Handmade Item


Length: Readjustable closure of 30cm - 38.8 cm (we can make it shorter or longer upon request - NO EXTRA CHARGE)


Thickness: 0.8cm


Materials: - Handmade and Hand-painted heart pendant

                    -  Cotton Thread

                    - 304 Sterling Silver Rolo Chain, Platinum plated


Closure: Lobster Clasp

Sky Heart Macrame Choker Necklace - Handmade

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  • A human heart can brake once or twice. Maybe more, if it's brave.

    A sky heart much like the human heart can get hurt too.  Thunder can bring it to its knees. Lighting can terrify its soul. The heavy rain can weigh on its shoulders and the wind can bruise its delicate being. But no matter what, it knows the sun will come and warm it up. The breeze will pass by too. No matter what it went through it knows that once again it'll be happy. Once again it'll be beautiful. 

    Wear this on days where the rain is weighing on you. On days where the strong wind stops you in your tracks. On days where you're terrified of lightning and thunder. This little piece of a blue sky is here to remind your heart that will once again feel warmth. It'll once again feel calm, peaceful and happy.