White Flower Choker

White macramé choker necklace with yellow details. A white flower in burgundy background. 


Handmade Item

Length: Readjustable closure of 25cm - 34 cm  (we can make it shorter or longer upon request - NO EXTRA CHARGE)

Thickness: 0.9cm

Materials: - Handmade and Hand-painted pendant

                    - White + Yellow Cotton Thread

                    - 304 Sterling Silver Rolo Chain, Platinum plated

Closure: Lobster Clasp

White Flower Handmade Macrame Choker Necklace

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  • Walking in a meadow full of hay. The breeze swings my fringe to the left leaving an unhindered view for my eye to grasp on. Out in the right corner there is a little bush with just one flower, just one. Five white petals with a brush of burgundy. I wanted to take it with me but how can take the most beautiful thing that this meadow has to offer? I couldn't. What if another traveler passes by? What if they're as alone as I am. I decided to leave it there but I stayed there drawing it. It was the first portrait I've ever made even though there wasn't a face to draw. Now I have it with me, I have the most beautiful flower of the meadow with me.